sick days

November 5, 2009 at 7:08 pm (Uncategorized)

This is what a sick day looks like at my house:

mimi burrowing

This is what the last couple of days have looked like. I have the flu, and I’ve got it pretty bad. Rumor is, it’s the swine flu. Guess it’s taken out a local school, took over a good friend’s family, and alas, taken over me! This is my 3rd day off work, and I honestly can’t remember if I have ever missed 3 days of work in a row for being ill, ever before. I have been spending 1/2 my time burrowed under blankets like Mimi pictured above, the the other 1/2 of my time fixing fences, aswering the telephone, and being at the center of a big powerline install. They just brought a new helicopter out, and my house is currently running off a generator, so every couple hours, the linemen stop by, fill the generator up with fuel, hook up the power, or un-hook the power… and so it goes.  I am just starting to get ancy, but get knocked off my feet everytime I attempt to get a project started. These are the sick days!



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  1. hartage said,

    I’m rootn’ for ya, get better soon !

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