there go the bachelor buttons!

November 7, 2009 at 4:12 am (Uncategorized)

bachelor buttons

I am learning it’s better to fence the goats “out of things” then to try and “fence them in”. Here they are enjoying the wild flowers I planted in my front yard flower pots. It takes a matter of seconds for a goat to destroy something, so I figured I might as well get a picture since this was inevitable.

snowball busted

So, in following my new theory, I will just start putting up fencing material around plants and trees that I care about, and consider the rest of the place a sacrafice one has to make, if one is going to have goats! I am starting by wrapping chicken wire around the 22 fruit trees to at least protect the bark and main branches, as I have been told many a time, once an animal [goat] eats a ring around a tree, known as debarking, it kills the tree. Sure there is a fence around the whole orchard itself, but goats, they don’t pay attention to no stinking fences.

I also keep coming across info online about Pack Goats. At first I thought it sounded kinda funny and ridiculous to take goats on a hike with you, but now that my little lovely goats follow me everywhere, including onto my front porch, well, I really don’t think it’d be too hard to train ’em to start earning their keep a little more by carrying packs. Why not be that crazy goat girl who walks her goats down the road? If things keep moving the way they are headed, and the raw materials [fossil fuels] on this planet head into short supply, well, at that point, I guess I will already have my lean mean little packing machines trained to carry my water & supplies to the house. Now that wouldn’t be so [goat speak], would it?


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