hApPy NeW yEaR!

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Champange Chadelier in the Geiser Grand Hotel

If you look closely, you should be able to spot a couple of corks that flew up and landed in this here Chandelier in Room 314 of the Geiser Grand Hotel in Big Ol’ Ba-ker Ci-ty, Orygun.  (I can only take credit for one of ’em, but will carry this tradition to many a hotel from here on out!)

The Geiser Grand Hotel offers the perfect mix of Old School and Swanky for a traveler on the Eastside of Oregon. The rooms start at about $80, and go a ways up from there. The restaurant offers great speicals, heck the New Years Eve Steak Special was only $14 a plate, pretty nice when you’ve got a cute date!  From there we stumbled one block over to the Stockman Bar. It’s got a slight Fushion thing going on, a thing that happens when you mix a Country Western Bar with a bit of Chinese Food Flair. This is where my most favorite band ever, The NeverCanEvers played on New Years Eve.  http://www.geisergrand.com/


Here is a photo of me out in front of the Stockman, the night of their show…. would you expect anything less from a #1 Fan?

 And here is a picture of my favorite band, The NeverCanEvers.

As soon as their #1 Fan gets her copy of their latest demo CD, she will put a link to their Ranch Rockin’ Songs. http://www.thenevercanevers.com


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