a hike around the 750

February 15, 2010 at 9:58 am (Uncategorized)

There are 640 acres in a square mile, so when you walk the outlying fence line of the property I live on, you cover at least 4 miles. It’s a really neat hike, that consists of mostly following deer trails, climbing up steep embankments of rimrock, walking through meadows of cheat grass, and even doing a little of your own trailblazing.  You will come across at least 4 springs, a 40 foot seasonal waterfall, great views of two old neighboring homesteads and old barns, a large den that may have one time belonged to a cougar or possibly big foot, a few very steep rimrock cliff view points, and scores of deer, elk, cow, and coyotoe tracks & scat. You are also sure to see a couple dozen white butts that belong to mule deer hopping up and down the hillsides, a wide variety of birds, piles of animal bones left behind by old age or cougar kills, and maybe even a jack rabbit or two. If you do this hike in the summer months, well you will also see quite a few snakes, some that might even have a rattle. But one thing you won’t see, is any other people. Below are some photos I took on my most recent trek around the Rim Rock Ranch.

Lucky looking down off a steep cliff drop off

cliff near the west fence line

there really is life in the desert, a small forest of trees being take over by neon green lichen

gate to a neighboring ranch

old homestead that lies roughly one mile from my house, just over Starvation Ridge.

view of the 40 foot seasonal waterfall (more impressive in person)

a large den that I suspect belongs to a cougar, pack of coyotes, or maybe even bigfoot

Also, pictured at the very top is one of the freshwater springs trickling down the rocks. I invite you to take this hike! And I recommend doing it before the snakes wake up from hibernation this spring. All you need is a sturdy pair of boots, and I can even send Lucky along to be your guide dog!



  1. Badger said,


  2. Debbie said,

    We need to come see you this Spring. Start making a list of things you want me to bring(foods? crafty things? what do you need?). Lucky will have a great time with our two lab-ish girls. (that is, if you let him out of doggy jail for visiting)

    • galwith750acres said,

      A visit this spring would be great! And yes bring the dogs!

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