getting the gang back together

March 2, 2010 at 9:42 am (Uncategorized)


(Ginger is pictured above, one of the gang)

There I am, leaning against a stock gate, with the afternoon sun just starting to dip behing the rim rock, as this big white van comes bumping along the dusty dirt road. As the van revs it way around a big corner, a flock of wild turkeys squabble across the road, and trot into the sagebrush. There in the passenger seat, is my hound dog. You can tell he’s smiling, as his head just bounces along with the  jittery ride.

Lucky got to spend another weekend at the local “doggy camp”, which is located a few miles from my door, but down a pretty hairy road, so the folks are kind enough to meet me half way, so I don’t have to take drag my lil’ car through the creek so many times.

As it turns out, he is becoming quite a favorite there, and seems to be quite the friendly guy.  They recently took in a few more strays,and Lucky was the best negotiator between the bunch, just an overall happy dude, who would rather play than fight. (Tom jokingly commented that he is most likely just the kid that nobody likes, so of course he globs on to the new guys.) The folks who run the rescue have actually requested Lucky come back in another week, to help with all the intermingling of the new dogs to the rescue.

Here is the sweetest part of the whole deal, see I bake all sorts of goodies for the dog rescue’s holiday bake sales, and in return, they take care of Lucky when I sneak away for a weekend here or there. And while it’s always great to get out of dodge once in a while, it’s also pretty sweet to return home to hang out with my lil’ gang!



  1. DAVID EVANS said,

    So, I was just checking on Ritter and 750acres sounded like something to look at…spent the whole afternoon reading ’bout the gals’ life…Quite fun..I try to get to Ritter and visit with the owner Mike 2x a year..Not sure about this year with the wacky-weather.It’s a long drive from North Central Washington. to sit under cold wet skies in hot water…
    Hope you can pick up a new computer soon.
    Later, David

  2. galwith750acres said,

    Hey David,

    Thanks for the great comment! Just so happens, I spent this past Sunday/Monday at Ritter Hot Springs – and wow did it rain! Was so glad we brought the vintage Shasta Trailer with us, for her maiden voyage.


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