Driving down the long dusty Winnemucca Road

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The NeverCanEvers lined up a gig at the Pine Room in Burns, Oregon this past weekend, and this was the only excuse I needed to plan another trip out of town. Tom joined me for an adventure that lead us all the way down to the Alvord Desert and the base of the Steens Moutain Range.

Roughly 100 miles SE of Burns, which breaks out to 72 miles East on Hwy 78 and another 34 miles south on East Steens Road (mostly gravely), you will find the Alvord Desert Hot Springs.

Ya all know, a well derserved soak isn’t earned until you complete a little hike before hand. About 3 miles north of the Hot Springs, you take a little unmarked dirt road to the west for a mile until you reach the “juniper tree growing out of a rock” as this is the trailhead for the Pine Creek Trail.

We chose this hike on this day in March, as I had read that this was the road to take for year round access to the Steens Mountains. That little unmarked dirt road you take 1 mile to get to the trailhead was rough enough to knock the U-joint loose in Tom’s Jeep. Here’s a picture of Tom knocknig the U-joint back into place under the Jeep with the Alvord Desert in the Background.

The afternoon sun was heading for the hills, or in this case the Steens Moutain Range, so we just completed a short section of the trail, we went high enough to reach snow and see a mining shaft. If you choose to do this hike, make sure you cross the creek, and go to the left from the trailhead parking area, don’t go to the right, unless you want to back track!

I have long dreamed of soaking in the Alvord Desert Hot Springs, and the time had finally arrived, it’s just so far from well, anywhere, that you really just have to make the time to get your butt out there! There are two pools, one is hidden behind metal siding that must act as a block against the wind on windy days, and a second cement tub that is exposed fully to the desert. This second tub was being drained by a couple of other soakers, and for good reason, as these tubs seem to grow quite a bit of algae.

We soaked up the evening, and then make a quick dinner over a propane camping stove along side of the road. And then it was back 100+ miles to Burns to dance the night away with the NeverCanEvers!



  1. Badger said,

    cool.. what a neat hotsprings

  2. badger said,

    no more blog?

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