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best friends andrea and lucky

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As I was driving home from a Halloween party in Fossil last night, I couldn’t help but take note of the gal I have truly become. How many other gals where out there driving through the desert night sky? Were they too driving back to their little ranches, where the couldn’t wait to check on their little critters, crawl into their bed, and see miles of stars out the big windows? I am talking about gals that at any given moment might have the following contents in their purse: a P-Trap, bag of fence staples, a few tent stakes, a decent pocket knife & homemade chap stick.

I have lived on this 750 acre ranch for about a year & 1/2. I fall more in love it with everyday. With each challenge (and there are a lot of them) I grow so much more as a person, and gain so much confidence and really become so much more connected to this community, this life style, and this real world that exists without television, commercials, and too many pieces of useless plastic!

A lot of times I get blind sighted by all the projects that I need to tackle, and I forget to take note of all the projects I have already accomplished, and that’s really why I write the blog. It helps me step back and say, okay, you are really doing okay girl!  

With each day I get a little more independent and able to make better decisions based mostly on lessons learned from past mistakes. I am also getting a lot better at knowing what to ask for, and how to get it! Lately I have been paying hired hands from time to time to help me design and build a goat house, chicken coop, fences, basic repairs, etc. It’s a lot of hard work, but I am still living a life I used to only dream of!



  1. Skegger said,

    Sounds like 750 acres of wildlife, one new gun owner, a beautiful creek, no plumber and several dogs.

    My hat’s off to you. Live that dream. Got any beer other than pabst? Need any?


  2. jason said,

    I love the way you that you write its so easy to read. You sure have some great stories, keep on posting and I will continue to read and enjoy them. Jason

  3. xmas said,

    I never heard all those details, surprised you stayed in PDX as long as you did! Maybe the craftin kept you sane here…. miss you!

  4. CheyAnne Sexton said,

    great blog,
    sounds like quite the life

  5. Amanda's mama said,

    Amanda told me about your blog and I have SO enjoyed reading it. You are one of a kind, always have been. I am so happy to see the awesome woman you have become. Drop in ANYTIME you get close to Bend….please…..!

    • galwith750acres said,

      Oh, Thank you Debbie for the sweet note & checking out my blog! I will say one thing is for sure, I finally found a life where I am challenged in so many ways, just about everyday! Next time Amanda makes it down, you gals have to let me know & I will surely drive out to see you!

  6. Long gone lonesome blues said,

    You’re living the life we are all ment to live! Nothing like learning the ways of the land to make one whole. The seasons, the people, the animals…

    Glad I could see it first hand! Tell Lucky and the Girls hello for me!

    • galwith750acres said,

      I’ve still got a heck of a lot to learn, but I am giving the best shot I’ve got. Thanks for the kind words!

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